The Omnia Sol Art Show Ep. 51 [August 2022]

DB joins artist Syd Ross to talk about music, art, creativity and Godzilla. Featuring tracks from “New Bird Sounds”

“a truck radio plays vaya con dios in the distance as the sun rises, right on cue” [May 2022]

Released in advance of the New Bird Sounds album. Video shot and edited by DB.

How It’s Made, Reimagined (Ep. 3) “Sanitary Napkins”

Another installment of How It’s Made, reimagined for spaced-out late night viewing. Episode Three follows synthetic fluff on a transformative, machine-automated journey to become a disposable fluid fortress!

How It’s Made, Reimagined (Ep. 2) “Wastewater Management”

Another installment of How It’s Made, reimagined for spaced-out late night viewing. Episode Two is an exploration of wastewater management — a municipal mess of ennui via these fecal facts for the curious crowd!

How It’s Made, Reimagined (Ep. 1) “Euro Bank Notes”

How It’s Made is a no-nonsense-just-the facts-please classic of informational television, but have you ever craved the nonsense while watching it? You’re in luck, as this episode has been reimagined with new music and narration for spaced-out late night viewing!

David Brown Live In Black and Red [February 2021]

“There’s A Place We Can Go” [February 2021]

From Blue, Green, and Other Sounds.

“A Cheap Carpeted Floor (For My Landlord)” [November 2020]

“The Sunflowers vs The Frost (rematch)” (Live In Multi Track) [August 2020]

“The Sun Shines In The Morning Office” (Live In Multi Track) [July 2020] 

“Compare and Contrast” (Live In Multi Track) [July 2020]

“Blink Control”

[from Is Similar To]

“Arch Enemy Shuffle”

[from Is Similar To]

David Brown Live From The Pale Bird’s Eye [May 2020]

“A Peppermint Future” [April 2020]

“In The Sky” (Live In Multi Track) [March 21, 2020]

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari w/ Score By David Brown [2019]

Secondary Modern “Animal Chatter” @ Skihaus [Halloween 2015]

David Brown and the Tomorrowmen “Everything Went Haywire” @ Hangar 9 [7.25.16]

David Brown and the Tomorrowmen “Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You” @ Hangar 9 [7.25.16]

A cover of a song from the first Bee Gees LP.

Secondary Modern “Dart Board Blacklist” [official video]

Video by Tyler Horn. The song is from the Venus Birds ep.


Filmed by Josh Murphy at Jurassic Park (RIP).

Secondary Modern “Going To New Zealand / Oh Ash!” [official video]

Video by Tyler Horn. The songs are from the Animal Chatter LP.

“Black Crow To The Priestess” w/ William Feigns @ Hangar 9 [2.9.2013]

Secondary Modern on Studio A [Feb. 2013]

Live set w/ painful interview.

“Freedom Ride Says Hello” w/ Freedom Ride [2011]

A live video filmed at the best practice space of all time. Video by Marcus Mader. Audio recorded by David Allen.

“Pad Pak” w/ Freedom Ride & LHT @ Skihaus

“Joanna and the Birthday Book” w/ Freedom Ride @ Hangar 9 [2012]