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Secondary Modern “Animal Chatter” @ Skihaus [Halloween 2015]

David Brown and the Tomorrowmen “Everything Went Haywire” @ Hangar 9 [7.25.16]

David Brown and the Tomorrowmen “Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You” @ Hangar 9 [7.25.16]

A cover of a song from the first Bee Gees LP.

Secondary Modern “Dart Board Blacklist” [official video]

Video by Tyler Horn. The song is from the Venus Birds ep.


Filmed by Josh Murphy at Jurassic Park (RIP).

Secondary Modern “Going To New Zealand / Oh Ash!” [official video]

Video by Tyler Horn. The songs are from the Animal Chatter LP.

“Black Crow To The Priestess” w/ William Feigns @ Hangar 9 [2.9.2013]

Secondary Modern on Studio A [Feb. 2013]

Live set w/ painful interview.

“Freedom Ride Says Hello” w/ Freedom Ride [2011]

A live video filmed at the best practice space of all time. Video by Marcus Mader. Audio recorded by David Allen.

“Pad Pak” w/ Freedom Ride & LHT @ Skihaus

“Joanna and the Birthday Book” w/ Freedom Ride @ Hangar 9 [2012]