I’ll be finishing up a new record in a few weeks. Former Plaza Records partner, Marcus Lappin, will be manning the controls. I’m told a rotating cast of musician-people-hanging-around will be hanging around and so the cast of characters who will be on the LP is a bit of a mystery. See ya’ll soon.

6.28.17ENCHANTERS FLYER 1 copy

I will be doing some solo shows very soon, playing all those grey-life hits and trying out some new material which will be on my next record (more on that at a later date).

A few notable things: the Carbondale show will be at my former base of operations, Plaza Records, with former bandmate Matt McGuire’s new outfit ENCHANTERS. They will also join me in Bloomington for a homecoming show at The Bishop, and some of them will help me debut a piece of tape music I have been working on for a while. Let’s hope those splices hold!

Also very excited to do a DJ set with my old pal Dylan from Ttotals / Mouthreader at Duke’s in Nashville. Excited to play for Tim and the gang at Terrapin in Murray (the DIY midwest’s best kept secret; check it out).

7/6 – Indianapolis, IN // Healthnet
7/7 – Urbana, IL // Library House
7/8 – Carbondale, IL // Plaza Records
7/9 – Nashville, TN // The East Room
7/10 – Nashville, TN // Duke’s [DJ SET]
7/11 – Murray, KY // Terrapin Station
7/12 – Bloomington, IN // The Bishop


HEADS UP: the soundtrack I did for Jennifer Lynn Christie’s “Boris the Bloodhound” has been published by Opossum and is available to stream below. Full text here.



Hi there. Tour was lovely. I am planning more shows as I type, so look out for that. In the meantime, I am working on a sound design / soundtrack for a story by Jennifer Lynn Christie called “Boris The Bloodhound”, which will be published by Opossum. Plans for another Tomorrowmen record are also brewing, while the last two come closer and closer to being out of print. (buy them here before they’re gone)

So then, here is a picture of me with a captive hippo.




I just released an ep called Battle Flowers. Hop on over to the discography page of this website and download it in high quality for free. I’ll be playing slightly evolved versions of these songs on tour in a few weeks. Let’s hang out.


New year. First “news” post. Day after the first Friday the 13th of the year…

First, I will be playing solo all around the Midwest in March. I hope to see you as I sort out the best way to be by myself on a stage. Check the dates here. (I will have a few more pieces of news before that happens, so stay close)

Additionally, my new album More Clinical Psychedelia has been released on cassette by my old cohorts at Plaza Records. You can stream it in its entirety on the discography page of this site or on my Bandcamp page, where you can also purchase the cassette.

Finally, I have also posted the first of a series of mixes / ramblings. It’s called PHASING OUT and there will certainly be more phasing to be done in the future. Each mix and its notes will be posted here.

That’s all for now.