New Bird Sounds, a new album of instrumental music, is now available for pre-order and will be released in full by Medium Sound on May 13. Watch the video for “a truck radio plays vaya con dios in the distance as the sun rises, right on cue” below. Hope ya dig it. I shot and edited it myself.


Full disclosure, I forget that this page exists. It’s hard to remember what exists and what doesn’t. Regardless, since I last wrote on this page I have pivoted. How about a small roundup?

  • I released a digital-only album called Blue, Green, and Other Sounds in February of 2021. It collects the last remaining pop-form songs I had laying around in my brain and situates them next to some instrumentals. Listen here.
  • I have been composing and recording a slew of far-reaching and mostly instrumental work. The recordings feature a whole cart full of my friends and collaborators and I have more finished pieces than I know what to do with. More on that soon.
  • In my eternal boredom I decided to remake the music and narration for three episodes of How It’s Made — a true classic of just-the-facts-please television. My version is decidedly more spaced out and suitable for late-night viewing. The cease and desist must still be in the post, so you can still dive in here.



A lot has happened since I last wrote on this page. Please excuse the absence. The world has been a bit on fire. I’ll limit this update to things that have happened related to sounds I make.

  • A new album called Is Similar To was released by Earth Libraries in August. Listen here. The corresponding tour was, obviously, cancelled.
  • A Simple Description of Complicated Things, a live album recorded on tour in 2018, was released exclusively on my Bandcamp page. Listen here
  • Work on a new record is well underway. No title, no due date, no label. Feels pointless to make those kinds of plans at the moment, but not quite pointless to make some kind of art. So here we are.
  • I have posted a bunch of videos of “live in the studio” recordings on the VIDEO page of this site (and my youtube page), including a short set I put together for Varsity Center.

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 11.42.21 AM


Upcoming Bloomington, IN shows:

  • 11.11 (guitar/viola duo w/ Will Staler) @ The Blockhouse
  • 11.20 (in Kay Krull’s band) @ Landlocked Music w/ Itasca
  • 11.23 (Kay Krull) @ Orbit Room
  • 12.5 – First solo show in 6 months @ The Blockhouse w/ Superstar Cruiser

Dig this promo vid!


The debut screening of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari with my score is this Thursday, November 7th (info) at The Blockhouse in my home of Bloomington, IN. The complete score will be on DSPs the following day. Get in touch if you’d like to show it somewhere.


A few things have happened since I last wrote on this page:

First, I released an album called Flash Freakout under the name The Daisy Blades. A collaboration with my good pal Gabe Chiarello of the New Jersey band Sink Tapes.

Second, I have a long-form instrumental album coming out next month via Midwaste Tapes in Chicago. It’s called Let’s Have a Seance. Poster for the release show below. Art, adapted from the album cover, by Damon Carruesco.

seance 11x 17 jpeg.jpg


A few quick notes:

  1. I am performing a live score to Chris Marker’s 1962 short film La Jetée this Tuesday, October 23 at The Bishop in Bloomington, IN. I’m excited as this is the first time in a while that I’ve done anything but put my folk-man face forward in a live setting. Also playing are major homies TETON and THE CRENSHAW from lovely Portland, OR. (info)
  2. Don’t fret because Folk-Man returns at The Blockhouse on Thursday, November 8 w/ S.M. Wolf and Busman’s Holiday. (info)
  3. I recorded and mixed a full length album the last week in August. It’s a duo with my old friend Gabe Chiarello from the highly underrated New Jersey band Sink Tapes. We’re probably called The Daisy Blades and the record is probably called Flash Freakout. Stay tuned.



SURPRISE: My new full-length album, MEDS, will be available to stream, download, etc on Monday, August 20 via all of the places where one might do that. Click on that beautiful cover art by Travis Coates to hear a track called “Your Family’s Old Compound” and pre-order the album!



You can now listen to all of my records on Spotify, Apple Music, etc, etc. As much as I love physical media, many of my albums are out of print and others are very close. On top of that, I realize that it is expensive and also doesn’t represent the way everyone listens to music. So, go right ahead and do your thing. Spotify will open, if that’s your jam, when you click the photo below.



Hi. I’m leaving for a solo tour in a couple of days. Everything is expanding, and the tour route is no exception. I’m hitting a lot of familiar spots, but also launching into worlds I haven’t been a part of in quite a while, bringing along a version of myself which is new and ever-evolving. Also, the show in New Brunswick will be recorded for potential future release (In The West is a recording studio!).


Th. 22 – Carbondale, IL – SKIHAUS

F. 23 – Nashville, TN – FOND OBJECT 4th AVE

S. 24 – Boone, NC – THE BURROW

M. 26 – Chapel Hill, NC – THE CAVE

T. 27 – Washington DC – THE BEEHIVE


Th. 29 – New Brunswick, NJ – IN THE WEST

S. 31 – Philadelphia, PA – THE PHARMACY


M. 2 – Lancaster, OH – THE FIRE HOUSE

Tues. 3 – Indianapolis, IN – STATE STREET PUB

Wed. 4 – Bloomington, IN – THE BISHOP

Fri. 6 – Chicago, IL – THE HIDEOUT


July 12 – Bloomington, IN – THE BISHOP w/ BRIGID MAE POWER



A few things as this year comes to a close:

  • I have a record finished and it is called MEDS. It will come out sometime, but I’m already starting work on another one.
  • Opossum Lit will be releasing a cassette of Jennifer Lynn Christie/my collaborative book-on-tape freakout “Boris The Bloodhound” as a split with another author on the B-Side (not yet sure who it will be!)
  • I will be touring the American south, east coast, and New England in March and April. Solo. Chill. I can’t wait to see you all. Dates will be up soon.


I’ll be finishing up a new record in a few weeks. Former Plaza Records partner, Marcus Lappin, will be manning the controls. I’m told a rotating cast of musician-people-hanging-around will be hanging around and so the cast of characters who will be on the LP is a bit of a mystery. See ya’ll soon.

6.28.17ENCHANTERS FLYER 1 copy

I will be doing some solo shows very soon, playing all those grey-life hits and trying out some new material which will be on my next record (more on that at a later date).

A few notable things: the Carbondale show will be at my former base of operations, Plaza Records, with former bandmate Matt McGuire’s new outfit ENCHANTERS. They will also join me in Bloomington for a homecoming show at The Bishop, and some of them will help me debut a piece of tape music I have been working on for a while. Let’s hope those splices hold!

Also very excited to do a DJ set with my old pal Dylan from Ttotals / Mouthreader at Duke’s in Nashville. Excited to play for Tim and the gang at Terrapin in Murray (the DIY midwest’s best kept secret; check it out).

7/6 – Indianapolis, IN // Healthnet
7/7 – Urbana, IL // Library House
7/8 – Carbondale, IL // Plaza Records
7/9 – Nashville, TN // The East Room
7/10 – Nashville, TN // Duke’s [DJ SET]
7/11 – Murray, KY // Terrapin Station
7/12 – Bloomington, IN // The Bishop


HEADS UP: the soundtrack I did for Jennifer Lynn Christie’s “Boris the Bloodhound” has been published by Opossum and is available to stream below. Full text here.



Hi there. Tour was lovely. I am planning more shows as I type, so look out for that. In the meantime, I am working on a sound design / soundtrack for a story by Jennifer Lynn Christie called “Boris The Bloodhound”, which will be published by Opossum. Plans for another Tomorrowmen record are also brewing, while the last two come closer and closer to being out of print. (buy them here before they’re gone)

So then, here is a picture of me with a captive hippo.


I just released an ep called Battle Flowers. Hop on over to the discography page of this website and download it in high quality for free. I’ll be playing slightly evolved versions of these songs on tour in a few weeks. Let’s hang out.


New year. First “news” post. Day after the first Friday the 13th of the year…

First, I will be playing solo all around the Midwest in March. I hope to see you as I sort out the best way to be by myself on a stage. Check the dates here. (I will have a few more pieces of news before that happens, so stay close)

Additionally, my new album More Clinical Psychedelia has been released on cassette by my old cohorts at Plaza Records. You can stream it in its entirety on the discography page of this site or on my Bandcamp page, where you can also purchase the cassette.

Finally, I have also posted the first of a series of mixes / ramblings. It’s called PHASING OUT and there will certainly be more phasing to be done in the future. Each mix and its notes will be posted here.

That’s all for now.